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Two for One: 12 in 12; Artful Tuesdays

Today’s blog post is a two for one special.  You see, it’s the end of the month so it’s time to report about my knitting goal.  Also, today’s Tuesday which … Continue reading

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Seriously…I might be late for my own funeral because I have so much to do.

Here I am again trying to get in my daily post before my midnight deadline. It’s so silly. I have all day to write, and yet I find myself here … Continue reading

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Bicicletta is currently my favorite Italian word. It has such a wonderful sound to it. It doesn’t quite roll off my tongue, yet, but I am always so happy when … Continue reading

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Why I go to Orlando

I often run away to Orlando. So many people think that I come down here just to go to Walt Disney World and I will admit that’s part of the … Continue reading

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Ways my parents screwed me up: Part 1

My parents were happily married for 30-plus years. My entire childhood was like a TV sitcom; there were ups and downs but everything worked out in the end. Ugh!! While … Continue reading

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The Mad Hatter was right

A few days ago Women on Fire had a monthly live chat with the totally fabulous Debbie Phillips.  The topic of the call had to do with finding your personal … Continue reading

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Yes, yes…I have seen Under the Tuscan Sun

Like so many vacations, I returned from Italy last summer with an overwhelming desire to return soon.  The country was so amazing, beautiful, and rich with history.  The one thing … Continue reading

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I used to think that Princess Leia was right

Back in 2008, I saw Carrie Fisher perform her then-new one-woman show, Wishful Drinking.  It was like the woman who performed in it — honest, witty, insightful and truly hilarious. … Continue reading

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Yay for the Chinese New Year!!

I love the Chinese New Year.  Ok, this is a new love, but it’s true.  Every year I make a long list of resolutions.  Yet, like so many others, by … Continue reading

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