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Bicicletta is currently my favorite Italian word. It has such a wonderful sound to it. It doesn’t quite roll off my tongue, yet, but I am always so happy when I pronounce it correctly. Learning a new language for me requires that I celebrate the small victories. It also requires much more patience than I originally thought that it would. Yet, I am enjoying the entire process.

Learning a new language also inspires planning for a new trip. As most people know, my love of travel is only second to my love of planning for a trip. Collecting, organizing and researching gives me so much joy and happiness. Currently I have 5 (cinque) trip ideas floating around in my head. And none of those trips have anything to do with my reward trip–a trip back to Italy.

My plans for the reward are still up in the air. Right I’m just entertaining possibilities. Maybe I’ll go back to Rome and down to the Amalfi Coast.

Or maybe I’ll send a week in a house in Tuscany.


Or maybe I’ll finally take bicicletta tour that I always dream of…of course that would require the purchase of a bicicletta and some serious riding this spring. Hmm…I really must consider buying a bike.

For now, it’s back to my daily Italian lesson.


One comment on “Bicicletta

  1. I too love planning for a trip–buying the guidebooks, doing research, going through my file of newspaper clippings to see if I saved something on that destination. I would also like to learn Italian–maybe that will be my focus in 2013! And I vote in favor of the bicicletta purchase.

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