crossing the finish line

Seriously…I might be late for my own funeral because I have so much to do.

Here I am again trying to get in my daily post before my midnight deadline. It’s so silly. I have all day to write, and yet I find myself here again. It’s especially funny today because I took a flight 5 hours earlier than originally planned. The idea being that I would have more than enough time to do various household chores, to write a nice blog post and to tuck myself into bed at 10:30pm. Yep, that didn’t happen.

For the most part, I was extremely productive after arriving home a glorious 5 hours early. However, the evening took a dark turn when I tried opening the box that contained my new living room side table.

The box was even forced into time-out for not being more helpful. After that, it was quite helpful and opened right up for me.

The real reason I’m still writing this post at 11:45pm is because my knitting goal. Like so many other goals and life changes this year, I’m trying to finish things and move forward. For knitting that means finishing 12 projects this year, or more specifically finishing one project a month. Now, these projects can be old things laying around undone or new one (I love starting new projects). However I must complete one each month. Well…it’s January 30th and the sweater that I hoped to be finished with isn’t going to be done. So I pulled out a stuffed toy that I have been working on and tried to finished it.

I got close,but I had to throw in the towel for the night. It will be finished tomorrow and then it will be wrapped up with a collection of classical music, Carnival of the Animals, for my god-daughter who is 3 months old. She’ll love it and she won’t notice that the elephant’s ears are a bit off.


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