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Two for One: 12 in 12; Artful Tuesdays

Today’s blog post is a two for one special.  You see, it’s the end of the month so it’s time to report about my knitting goal.  Also, today’s Tuesday which means that I have my weekly docent meeting.  So let’s get started…somewhat in reverse.

12 in 12

This evening I finally finished the little toy elephant that I started in February 2010.  I think that I started the project during one of the many blizzards.  It was just a project to use up some random bits of yarn, but now I think that it will make a lovely gift for my god-daughter.

Artful Tuesday

One of my new adventures is joining the Corcoran Gallery docent program.  It’s something that I longed to do and I’m quite excited to finally be making it happen.  That being said…today’s meeting was not what I expected.

Docents…they’re not as quiet as you think.

This group of men and women are intelligent, witty and feisty.  All during the presentations various people were interjecting random questions, comments and comments on other people’s comments.  There seems to be little need to take notes so I must always remember to bring knitting (especially mindless items done in the round). It’s only too bad that they don’t allow any drinks in the auditorium.  Oh well.  It was a good first day.  This little adventure should prove most interesting.

And now, it’s time for a little Italian before bed.


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