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Because the zombies are coming…

OK, I should just go ahead and admit that I believe a lot of what I see in movies and TV shows. Romantic comedies and Disney movies, along with my parents 30-plus years marriage, have give me ridiculous standards for love and dating. Seriously I keep waiting for a prince to show up, preferably on a white horse, with flowers and a ring and ready to take me to his castle.

Seriously, where is my Prince Charming? Do I need to eat a poisoned apple for him to show up? 

Despite my total love of all romantic comedies and fairy tales, I have recently branched out in the types of television shows that I watch.  Recently one of my friends turned me onto the show, The Walking Dead.  Knowing about the quality shows on AMC such as Mad Men, I was pretty open to the show even though it was about zombies. So I started watching season one of the series…

I was blown away.

Yep, after two episodes of The Walking Dead, I was completely addicted to it.  The show was compelling and interesting.  The characters are complex and so well-developed that it’s mind-blowing.  And yet, there was another side effect from the show… I began to wonder what would happen if this show’s reality actually became our reality.

Oh no, I don’t have any zombie survival skills.

I know that I have several wonderful skills–good friend, excellent travel planner, killer shopper (I can find the perfect gift for almost anyone), knitting, a little bit of cooking and baking.  However, I knew that I needed more skills.  So embracing my promise, I have sought out new opportunities to develop zombie survival skills and trying new things.  (Look forward to “the afternoon at a shooting range story.”) One of the skills is directly linked to my promise–running.  Running will be quite handy in avoiding the zombies.

The preparation begins today

Today was day one again.  I ran the Day One of Week One of Ease into 5K.  It went well, I guess.  I felt a bit guilty running on a treadmill inside when the weather outside was gorgeous.  It’s February 1st, and here in DC, it was like 65-70 degrees and sunny.  UGH!  Maybe I should enjoy this weather, but I want winter right now.  It can be 70 degrees and sunny all spring, and even all summer, but it’s time for winter.  The sweaters in my closet want to be wore outside.  I want to see little flakes of snow (no blizzards…well, maybe a small one).  Anyway I ran inside.  For some crazy reason in my head, I feel less judgement running inside on a treadmill compared to outside on the street.  Clearly I will need to conquer this fear as the half-marathon will likely be on streets and not on treadmills.  However, like the title of my training program, I am easing my way into running a 5K and then onto the half-marathon.

Always prepared??

Now if this Walking Dead reality doesn’t happen, that’s fine.  That’s actually a little bit better.  The side effect will be that I will have trained for and run a half-marathon which should leave me in much better shape than I currently am in.


One comment on “Because the zombies are coming…

  1. Kate

    Love this.

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