crossing the finish line

Tired…the best kind of tired

Tonight I’m just exhausted.  I’m so completely exhausted and I just want to curl into bed and snuggle with my puppy until I fall asleep.  Ok, full disclosure, I’m already in bed.

This exhaustion is the best kind of exhaustion.  The last 48 hours have been so filled with small signals that my life is changing.  It’s amazing…and scary…and exciting…and terrifying.  What do you do when your life starts to take the shape that you always dream that it would?  In my case, freak out!! Thankfully I haven’t completely freaked out yet.  For now I’m just embracing and taking everything one day at a time.

The last 48 hours are forcing me to realize that I need to start to change the labels that I have given myself.  I’m a playwright.  I’m becoming a runner.  I’m a woman who speaks English and Italian.  These are not labels that I’m completely comfortable with yet, but I will. Maybe that’s the purpose of writing daily about my life…I need to have a record of the transformation that I am undergoing.


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