crossing the finish line

If spring is coming early, I’m going to start spring cleaning

Today I spent most of my day trying to get rid of the junk in my life. It isn’t easy. There are so many things that trigger memories. Like the coasters from my 21st birthday that list all the various shots that I did, how am I suppose to throw those away? And should I just toss the wooden NRA shotgun shell into the trash? All these items are tied to wonderful, sometimes bittersweet, memories.

Yet, there is a point when I feel like I’m living more in the idealistic past than the present. I often ask myself when I’m cleaning out a box, closet or room if I can keep the sentiment and lose the item. Most of the time the answer is yes, and my world has one less piece of clutter.

However, I am struggling with how to let go of people or maybe just the idea of people. It’s easy to look at an idea and relive the memory and then throw out the item. How do you do that for people? There are several people in my life that only bring in negativity and headaches. Is it wrong to want to eliminate them? I don’t think so. Yet I have not figure out the kindest way of doing it. This is my struggle…getting rid of the clutter–items and people.


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