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Do you think that the phoenix is afraid of the burning?

Today is a strange day. I started off the day in good spirits and yet I’m ending it was so much anxiety and fear.

I’m trying very hard to process how I feel and trying to write through my feelings. Yet it is quite challenging today. There are all of these insecurities floating on the surface of my soul. It weighs on my heart and I feel like I am drowning. Yet the upside of them being so close to me now is that I can deal. Yes, I want to collect them and destroy them. However I feel too weak to do that today. Right my soul just keeps sinking deeper and deeper.

There are lifelines all around me. Yet I ignore them all. It’s as though I need to sinker deeper before I can rise. The idea of going to this dark place frightens me as much as the insecurities themselves. Yet, I might need to think of myself as the Phoenix. In order to be reborn, I must first burn.


One comment on “Do you think that the phoenix is afraid of the burning?

  1. Ruth Stadnik

    I am SO with you here. I think it’s a good sign though–at least the insecurities are coming to the surface where you can explore them, instead of being crammed down and stifled beneath layers of false optimism. I’m trying to approach my insecurities with curiousity, wanting to learn what there is to be learned before letting them go. Sending good vibes your way for strength and courage as to go to the dark place.

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