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What Would Eleanor Do: Falling Apart

Yep, things are falling apart a bit.  It seems that I have lost my direction and commitment.  I even forgot to blog yesterday.  Ugh!!  I’m so disappointed in myself, and I want to get back on track. However, it seems like getting back on track will take a few days.  Here’s my plan for getting back on track:

  1. Run early tomorrow morning –> Simple plan for Monday includes taking Lola to doggy daycare followed by a run along the Potomac River.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate with this plan.
  2. Italian lesson immediately following run –> Come home, shower, Italian lesson
  3. Blog –> When (positive thinking) I have completed those two tasks, it will be time to blog about my achievements.

I’m also wondering if I have over-committed myself.  I am feeling overwhelmed by all of my various activities and projects.  I would like to spend some time figuring out if I can re-prioritize things so I feel more in balance.  Then it will be more likely that I will actually enjoy each thing because that isn’t happening right now. Regardless, I refuse to look back at any “mistakes.”  The past is the past, and I’m looking towards to the future.  The future holds the success that I desire.


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