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What Would Eleanor Do: Take a long deep breath

I’m leaving town tomorrow.  It’s just a short trip up to New York, but I’m so excited about it.  Despite the chaotic feelings that I experience the night before, I always love to travel.  I love being in a new environment.  It helps me clear my head and recommit myself to my goals and the direction I want to take my life.

Right now, I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the changes that I’m making in my life. The changes are positive and I want to make them, but I’m struggling to process them.  Maybe I’m not meant to understand them.  Maybe I’m trying to control things that I’m not suppose to control.  Either way, I have decided to give myself the next 3 days for mediation.  I will likely not post any blogs during those 3 days, but I might. Hopefully the new environment and being around friends who have not seen me in awhile will offer a new outlook on things. So I’m taking a nice deep breath for 3 days…


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