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What Would Eleanor Do: Grab the Naked Cowboy’s butt??

It’s been 3 days since I last wrote a post.  Hmm….I really hoped that I would have some great epiphany.

I got nothing!

Here’s what I can say that I learned over the last 3 days.  I don’t share.  At. All.

At dinner on Friday, I realized that I had not share a single piece of information about the play I wrote with one of my oldest friends.  My friend asked me why I hadn’t told him about it and I could not think of a single reason.  Why didn’t I share with this dear friend about an important part of my life?


That ugly nasty emotion rears its head again.  If I’m completely honest with myself, I did not tell this friend (and many other friends) about the play (and other things in my life) out of fear.  It could be because I don’t want to show my friends my failure or I’m afraid that they wouldn’t stand what I’m doing.  There are probably other reasons that I have yet to think about that keep me from sharing all of my endeavors.

I wish that I could say that I will change this behavior immediately and always share.  However, I know that’s not true.  It’s much more likely I will continue to hide parts of my life.  My own goal will be that I will be more aware of this behavior and more willing to change it.

To  that end, I’m going to share something silly that I did on Saturday.  Usually, I try to hide the silly stuff.  Some friends know about my silly side, but they only know about it from first-hand experience.  Again, it’s my fear of other people’s judgement.

On Sunday while walking through Times Square, my friend and I crossed paths with the Naked Cowboy.  I have seen him before in previous trips to New York.  However, I have never been bold enough to go and get a picture with him.  Sunday changed that.

I felt ridiculous.  However, I’m not sure that a person is suppose to feel another way about him.  Anyway, it was silly and fun.  And I’m sharing it with the world…or whoever reads this blog.

Tomorrow’s a new day and I feel that there is so much to accomplish.  I am overwhelmed.  The 3 days off from the blog was a pleasant break from thinking about how far I feel from achieving my goals. I am hopefully that a good night’s rest will energize me to continue on in my journey.


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