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What Would Eleanor Do: Celebrate Herself!

There are days when I’m just happy being me. On these days, I don’t feel like I am perfect, usually far from it, but I do like my little quirks.  I find them funny, amusing, cute, adorable, and overall awesome.

My “just as I am” days(a la Mr. Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Diary) are often enough. 

However, it’s great when they happen.  They are rarely set off by any specific event or action.  It could be waiting up, noticing that I’m 2lbs lighter (according to the evil scale that tends to lie to me), finding two great dresses for my friends’ wedding, or even laughing as the seamstress explains how to has to cut out all this fabric in the back because my torso is so short. 

All of these things happen today.  They all made me smile and laugh at myself.  Today was one of those days when I know that my mom is looking down and saying, “Yes, you’re my child and completely perfect…like me.”  My mom had a way of paying me a compliment and herself one at the same time. She wasn’t a conceited woman, but she was completely fabulous. My mom tried to teach and show me every day of my life that I am beautiful just as I am.  I’m happy on the days that it finally clicks in my head.


One comment on “What Would Eleanor Do: Celebrate Herself!

  1. klassy

    You already know that I feel this, but you *are* absolutely perfect, just as you are. I’m glad that this was a day where you can see all of that. 🙂

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