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What Would Eleanor Do: Take a bath

A warm bath is one of the greatest luxuries to me.  It requires time and thought…selecting the right bath salts or bubble baths, filling the tub, and carving out the time to just relax. A bath can renew your spirit along with rinse away the stress of a day.  While I love a good hot shower, nothing is as wonderful as a warm bath.  Tonight reminded me about this great joy and I hope to make more time for this luxury.

Yesterday, I wrote about feeling stuck…stuck in the mud.  It seemed like I needed to identify the reason that I was stuck in the mud before I could move forward.  CRAZY TALK!!  Yes, I was stuck in the mud, but it doesn’t do me any good to sit in it.  Today I picked myself up and rinsed off the mud.  I sat in a warm bath to wash off the mud.  This simple act renewed my spirit.   I feel refreshed and ready to move forward.

Now, I still don’t know why I am/was stuck.  I actually might find myself back in the mud in a week or so, but I can’t think about that right now.  Right now, I am clean and renewed.  My next step is to move forward in the direction that I want to go and hopefully I will avoid all mud. 


Tonight’s bath was thanks to the Twilight bath bomb from Lush.  It smelled lovely and was relaxing, but I could live with out the glitter.  Would it be a silly goal to try and review all the bath bombs and bath bars at Lush??


One comment on “What Would Eleanor Do: Take a bath

  1. klassy

    I’ve thought about doing that for years. There are so many of them to go through! I had a lovely jasmine, scented one a while back – completely reinvigorated me. I would totally follow your reviews of the bath bombs… you could also review the bubble bars. 😉

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