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What Would Eleanor Do: So Much!!

Hmm..where do I begin?  There’s so much going on in my head…so much happening in my world.

First, here’s my quick update on my knitting challenge for the year.  While I hoped to finish a couple of projects in March, I only finished one thing–a yellow sweater. It’s being considered finished because it’s completely wearable.  Now, it still needs buttons for the sleeves, but that’s going to be a search.  Anyway, here’s the completed sweater.  Woohoo!!

Now onto Pinterest…my new Internet obsession.  I have been using it to save images of places to visit, things to make, and food to cook or bake.  Today and last night were my first attempts at some of those recipes, and I had mixed results.

Last night’s dinner was the Blackened Chicken and Cilantro Lime Quinoa:

The overall dish turned out very well and it was the best cooked chicken breast of my life (that I have made).  The avocado sauce didn’t turn out perfectly because I was too lazy to dig out the food processor. Oh well, it was a yummy dinner.

Now today I decided to turn making the Self-frosting Nutella Cupcakes.

My luck wasn’t as good with these cupcakes.  They look ok, but they’re actually too dry for me to enjoy or share with others. 

However, my friend Kate is going help (read: teach) me how to turn the dry (hopefully stale by next week) cupcakes into bread pudding.  This should be an adventure since I have never eaten or made bread pudding.

Hmm…so I have taken up yoga again.  This week was the second week of a twelve week Yoga Fundamentals.  It has been a wonderful gift to return to yoga.  It is teaching me greater patience and kindness to myself. Having one of my dear friend attend the weekly class adds another level of joy.  My Saturday mornings are so much better with the addition of yoga.  I’m so energized by it and I want to go to yoga all the time.  However, I am learning that even good things should be done in moderation.

Tomorrow is April 1st.  You can’t expect any jokes from me.  Tomorrow I will likely announce my new daily/weekly challenges.


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