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Paris Day Five

STRESSED ANNOYED MAD FRUSTRATION FEELING COMPLETELY STUPID Hoping that this makes a good story….one day!! Advertisements

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Paris Day Four: Tourist or Traveler??

As the sunsets on another amazing day in Paris, I realize that I struggle with labels every day.  Who am I in the world?  To my friends, I’m just Michelle … Continue reading

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Paris Day Three: The party’s in the kitchen

It doesn’t matter what kind of party you throw at your house; everyone always seems to end up in the kitchen. Has anyone every thought about that?  I mean, sure, … Continue reading

28/04/2012 · 4 Comments

Paris Day Two: Paris makes the scary things less scary!

One of my favorite things about traveling is how it clears out all the clutter in my head.  My thoughts are striped down to the basic desire.  All the “I … Continue reading

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Paris Day One: Jet-lagged??

Paris…the City of Lights…hmm.  Here’s my basic feeling about Paris this evening as I say goodnight…travel might be like dating.  The location, people and timing are key in deciding on … Continue reading

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Third time is the charm…right??

Today I left for my third visit to the City of Lights, Paris!  I’m hoping that my third trip to Paris cancels out all my previous experiences.  Fingers crossed!  The … Continue reading

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Radio Silence

In one day, I leave for Paris.  Yay!!  However, my thoughts aren’t on all the various tasks that I need to do, but instead they’re on guys. No, not on … Continue reading

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Letting go

Over the next 24 hours, I will be putting my babies in the hands of others. I’m completely freaking out. Tonight it begins with putting the play into the hands … Continue reading

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Rainy Day…outside and inside

Today was a rainy day in DC… The weather was grey and cold. The sun never made an appearance. Inside, I felt conflicted and out of sorts. My world didn’t … Continue reading

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Be Grateful

As part of my Karma Cleanse, today I will focus on being grateful. Yes, my life has had its tragedies and hardships, but I still have so much to be … Continue reading

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