crossing the finish line

Thank goodness it didn’t rain

It’s pretty easy for me to rack up about 8000 steps on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  On those days, I work out with my trainer for 30 minutes, and then I immediately put myself on the elliptical machine.  Those days are no-brainers.  The weekends are mixed, but this weekend should be fairly easy since I’ll be in New York.  The city always encourages me to walk.  So that only leaves Tuesday and Thursday to conquer.

Keeping in mind the wise word of Winston Churchill, I decided that I would come up with a plan for those days on Monday evening.  Tuesday’s plan was simple enough.  After Lola’s annual check-up with the vet, we would go for a nice walk down by the river.  Thankfully the weather agreed with my plan, and we had a wonderful walk.  I even got a closer look of a memorial that I have driven past over a thousand times.

It’s a memorial for all those Americans lost at sea in the Navy and Marines, and it wasn’t dedicated until 1990.  It always amazes me when I discover that a memorial is so young.

Challenge update

1. Walk 8000 steps daily: 10,189 steps Woohoo!
2. Record food daily: DONE!!  I even ate breakfast though it wasn’t the healthiest breakfast in the history of breakfasts.  However, I will get better.  The goal was to eat in the morning…achieved!!
3. Drink 32oz of water: Closer to 24oz but I didn’t really track today…tomorrow will be better. 

Reward Time

Today’s reward is a bath with a Lush bath bomb.  My love affair with Lush began in 2000 during my first visit to London.  I discovered the store when I walking through Covent Garden and it was love at first sniff.  Unfortunately at that time Lush did not have any stores in the US, so I was forced to order them from Canada.  Fast forward 12 years, Lush has several stores throughout the US.  YAY!!

Today’s bath bomb is Golden Slumbers. It’s described as “a relaxing lavender bath to promote sweeter dreams.”  Since they warn against trying to keep your eyes open after this bath, my complete review of this bath bomb will have to wait until tomorrow.  However, I am very much looking forward to soaking in a warm bath and then curling up in bed.  It should be a good night.


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