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My Baby

In May 2007, a little gray miniature schnauzer, Lola,  entered my life and nothing has been the same.  The first few nights were scary for both of us.  It was the first time that she was away from her biological mom and litter-mates.  It was the first time that I had a care for a puppy all by myself.  There was lots of anxiety and crying from both of us.  We survived.  

Since those stressful nights, we have bonded more and settled in a healthy and happy relationship.  I look at Lola like she’s my furry 4-legged daughter.  She looks at me like the woman with the food and cuddles.  It’s perfect.  She means the world to me, and everyone who knows me can attest to that fact.

So now as I prepare for my trip to Paris, I am facing a new dilemma — a new babysitter.  Now for years, she has gone to a locally owned doggy daycare.  They treat her like a little princess and she spends the days play with other doggy kids.  However, my trainer has offered to dog-sit and being nice I said yes without fully thinking about it.  Now he’s a great guy and I know that Lola will be completely fine.  However, I’m completely freaking out.

While Lola is a perfect little angel 95% of the time, she can get “upset” when she feels that she has been abandoned.  She might pee, poop or throw up in the house to “express” her displeasure with thing.  I’m so worried about how she will act with him and his girlfriend.

All of this anxiety feels a bit silly.  I mean, she’s just a dog,right?  They will walk and feed her, right?  However, she’s so much more and I’m just a worrier in general.  Ugh…thankfully I have the weekend to think about everything and make a decision…or come up with a reason for him not to doggy-sit.  If parenting is like this, I don’t know that I want any part of it.  


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