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Be Grateful

As part of my Karma Cleanse, today I will focus on being grateful.

Yes, my life has had its tragedies and hardships, but I still have so much to be grateful for.

I am grateful for…

  • my parents who made me the person that I am today…so blame them 🙂
  • my friends both near and far who are like my “chosen” family
  • my sweet puppy, Lola, who has taught me so much and give so much love
  • my financial security that gives me great freedom in my life
  • my love of travel
  • my sense of humor which allows me to laugh at myself
  • sore muscles because they remind of the blessings of movement
  • my home which allows me to travel all over and still feel grounded
  • friends who offer wisdom when I’m acting crazy
  • sunny days in Washington
  • Wine!!
  • Chocolate
  • access to a diversity of cultures
  • my uncle for always being there
  • sinus headaches because they remind me that I’m lucky to only have to deal with this medical issue
  • Lush bath bombs and bubble bars and a big tub
  • my passport

There are so many things that I have omitted, but that’s what popped in my head tonight.  I’m also grateful for my new bike and the assistance of a dear friend.  Today has been such a good day that I’m exhausted.  I love days like today.


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