crossing the finish line

Third time is the charm…right??

Today I left for my third visit to the City of Lights, Paris!  I’m hoping that my third trip to Paris cancels out all my previous experiences.  Fingers crossed! 

The nice thing is that I will be meeting up with other women from Women on Fire.  The trip is been organized and planned by the wonderful, knowledgeable Doni Belau.  I’m very optimistic about this trip.  I mean, I only had to select a hotel (from two options) and book my flight over.  Easy!

Now, I should just relax.  But I haven’t…yet…

My previous two trips to Paris were not good experiences.

The first visit wasn’t really a visit.  It was more of a ride from the train station to the airport.  I don’t recall seeing any major landmark.  I do remember being rushed on to a plane and not understanding anything that was really happen.  Ugh…not a good visit.

The second visit was better but very stressful.  Unfortunately, I took on the role of tour guide/tour manager and things did not go as planned.  Also, I was not as patience as I am now so I had a little meltdown in front of the Eiffel Tower. Another missed opportunity!

The third visit is the best…I hope.  Ok, the weather for my upcoming visit does’t look good at all.  According to The Weather Channel, it will be in the low 60s and rainy for the entire weekend.  Ugh!  However, I’m going to focus on the positive.  The positive thing is that I have been given another opportunity to wear knee high boots with tights and skirts!  WOOHOO!!

Three pairs of boots will make Paris AWESOME!! Yes, I have 3 pairs of boots in my suitcase.  Judge me if you want, but I needed all three pairs.  The brown tall ones are great for walking around the city.  The short black booties will make all my dresses look super sassy, like me.  And then the new tall black ones…ah…I have been looking these boots for the last 6 months, and I only found them last week.  So of course they have to  make the trip to Paris.  YAY!!

Three seems to be the magical number for my trip to Paris.  I have been wondering if there’s some other way that the number three is related to Paris and this trip…but I got nothin’.  HEHE!!  I’m just going to think of the way that the number three is used to make a heart and leave my ❤ open to Paris.


One comment on “Third time is the charm…right??

  1. thepoolman

    I hope your third visit is fantastic. I was there last year (late March-early April) for a very short visit and have been captivated ever since. My wife and I are headed back in the fall. I’ll look forward to reading about your trip.

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