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Paris Day One: Jet-lagged??

Paris…the City of Lights…hmm.  Here’s my basic feeling about Paris this evening as I say goodnight…travel might be like dating.  The location, people and timing are key in deciding on whether things will work out.  Previously visits included people that I love, but the timing was completely wrong.  Things are different this time.  The women that I am traveling with are amazing.  I find myself completely inspired by the bold and courageous choices that they have made in their lives.  My goal for this trip is to learn from them and take those lessons back home.

Arriving today I was thankfully that I wasn’t too badly jet lagged today.  YAY!!  It must be my magical combo of shower, Diet Coke and good food.  By time we made our way out for the afternoon of activities, I was filled with energy.

The weather in Paris was actually behaving nicely and the sun decided to make an appearance.  YAY!  So the majority of our Segway tour was completely dry.  The last 20 minutes were a bit wet, but the rain did not spoil the fun at all.

Then we made our way over to Cathedral of Notre Dame.  Even though I have previously visited this holy site, I was still moved by it.  It’s amazing to think that it’s almost a thousand years old.  We just don’t make buildings like that any more.  Inside the church, we witness a mass being performed.  While I don’t speak French, there was something wonderful about seeing the building being used for its true purpose.

After Notre Dame, we headed over to Shakespeare & Co.  It’s one of the more charming bookstores you could ever visit.  If you haven’t been, you need to go during your next visit Paris.  To appreciate it more, you should read the book, Time Was Soft There, before visiting.

Now it’s 1am in Paris and I need sleep.  So here are a random collection of pictures from today.  I’ll be making a proper photo album for the trip…think of this as a teaser.

**Whenever I travel, I always come to realize specific things that I need to work on or things that I miss.  I figured that it might be useful for me to mention here.  Then maybe the few people who read this crazy blog will help me stay accountable. Anyway, these random thoughts will be listed daily under the title, “Ways to make Michelle more awesome.”  Enjoy. **

Ways to make Michelle more awesome

  • Get back to working on Italian — learning a new language will be good for travel and goal of living in Rome
  • Take my “big girl” camera out of the closet and use it — I need to commit to using it on a regular basis; maybe start with weekly and then more to daily
  • Look for new opportunities on writing more about travel — Maybe I should finally organize pictures and share stories from past travels…lessons learned and amazing experiences.  People might be interested.

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