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Paris Day Two: Paris makes the scary things less scary!

One of my favorite things about traveling is how it clears out all the clutter in my head.  My thoughts are striped down to the basic desire.  All the “I should do this or that” thoughts are left on the ground.  What remains are my truest desire and scariest goals.

Paris, thank you! 

This time in Paris has been so much better in so many ways both big and small.  My interactions with Parisians has been more pleasant and enjoyable.  My appreciation of the city has grown and I’m curious to learn (or re-learn) more about French history.  I can begin to understand why so many friends love to visit this city over and over again.

Yet, Paris doesn’t make my heart sing. 

I’m not going to trash this city.  It’s just a fact.  Paris has opened up to me, and I can imagine another visit to the city.  However, this isn’t London; that’s where my heart sings.

Time to commit… 

For years I have said that I want to live overseas, specifically I want to live in the UK. Today I decided that I need to start taking steps to make this dream a reality.  It’s a big dream, and it will require lots of work.  Yet, I know that it will be worth all the effort.  Of course, a part of me is conflicted about going full stream ahead towards this dream because it conflicts with my other big dream of finding my soulmate.  Hmm…how can I look for Mr. Perfect-for-Me while I’m planning to leave the country?  Simple, he’s part of the same plan.

Yep, Mr. Perfect-for-Me and living overseas are tied together.  Now don’t ask me how there are tied together because I have no clue!  Here’s what I do know…these are the two scariest things that I have ever wanted in my life (that I actually have some control over), so they must be tied together.  That’s how my life works.  That’s what I believe.  Life is the crazy mixed up things when everything is intertwined together, so finding soulmate and moving to another country must be related. It’s a bit of Eddie Izzard logic–babies taste of chicken–but it works.

“[Babies] taste of chicken. They do, babies taste of chicken, Cannibals says that human flesh taste of chicken, so babies also taste of chicken.

And chickens taste of humans.” — Eddie Izzard – Dressed to Killed

So thank you, Paris.  You have been entertaining and fun and eye-opening…what will you bring in the next few days??

Ways to make Michelle more awesome

  1. Take more photography classes–it will help me become more comfortable with my camera plus I might be cool new people.
  3. Accept the idea that I’m an adventurer…when people ask me what I do, that’s my answer. 🙂

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