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Paris Day Three: The party’s in the kitchen

It doesn’t matter what kind of party you throw at your house; everyone always seems to end up in the kitchen. Has anyone every thought about that?  I mean, sure, the food and drinks might be there.  However, I’m starting to believe that there’s something even more magical about the kitchen.

Everyone is real in the kitchen.

I’m not sure what it is about the kitchen, but everyone seem to be more real there.  Everyone lets their guard down and allows the other people to see their real self.  There’s a connection that happens between people.  It sparks laughter, tears, and some of the deepest connections.  It’s an amazing experience, and it always motivates me to throw another party.

Why do I bring this up while I’m in Paris?

Today we had the most amazing cooking class from Cook’n with Class.  We met our chef/teacher near the metro and we were off.  They took us through area showing us fabulous cheese, meat, seafood and produce vendors before we headed back to their cooking facilities.  Now here’s where the magic of the kitchen kicked in.  As we cooked a four course lunch, with wine pairing, we all let down our guards.  Alex, our amazingly talented chef/teacher, taught us so many new techniques for chopping vegetables, making a sauce, filleting a fish, wrapping veal and just being a better cook.  At the same time, he made us laugh and let loose.  It was the most amazing morning and afternoon.  The time didn’t exist.  It was magical.

A few hours in the kitchen with women that I met about 2 days ago suddenly felt like I had always known them.  They are women who I want to continue to have in my life.  Their lives inspire and empower me.  I was informed yesterday that I am the “baby” of the group, and I have decided to utilize all their experiences to make my life better.

Here are a few pictures from a day filled with food…


4 comments on “Paris Day Three: The party’s in the kitchen

  1. I’ve never been tempted to take a cooking class in Paris but that looks like so much fun!

    • I would highly suggest it especially if you’re traveling with several friends or family. It was one of my favorite things here in Paris and one of the best overall cooking classes that I have taken.

  2. Eniko

    Hi there! Found you through Women on Fire…great bog post! What a wonderful experience…I love Paris & have been to many of their best kitchens. Lucky you!

  3. knascar

    That looks so incredibly amazing! What a fantastic experience.

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