crossing the finish line

Moving forward

Tomorrow I will begin to move forward on making some of my dreams into reality.  Paris was such an amazing experience and opened me to so many possibilities.  I’m so scared about taking the next steps…

Will I be successful?  Will I completely fail?  Am I completely crazy??

The voices in my head are screaming so many things and I just want to scream back at them.


Ugh…I don’t want to deal with them.  Instead, I choose to remember Paris and the inspiration and support that I felt there.  Those feelings are what will help me to move forward….


2 comments on “Moving forward

  1. Lisa Umberger Arundale

    I LOVE this Michele! I love how you decided to tell the “voices” to “be nice” to you! I’m going to do the same thing!
    Hugs to you dear one.

  2. Lisa Umberger Arundale

    AND of course I love the photos! Takes me back there…

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