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HRH Lola, Princess of Arlington

Born in a small village in a land called Pennsylvania.  Princess Lola was one of five children to her parents.  Unfortunately because her father’s army had lost their attempt to take over several other kingdoms, all of the children had to go and live with new families elsewhere.

So at the tender age of 8 weeks old, Princess Lola came to Arlington. While she was a bit shy at first, she immediately settled into her new home.  Her winning personality made people promptly fall in love with her.  With one quick head tilt, people offered her food, jewels and clothes. Her adoptive mother was equally in love with her.  Princess Lola’s home was swiftly outfitted with all of the best beds and toys that could be found across the land.

Most of this time Princess Lola was very happy with her new life.  Yet, there was still pain in her heart.  She entered a dark period in life.  Princess Lola began to hang out with the Yorkie Mafia.  It gave her a sense of family, even if she didn’t always agree with their actions.  However this behavior could not last forever.

Thankfully around her 4th birthday, she heard from one her mother’s lady’s maid. This woman was one of the few people who knew were all the children ended up.  She told Lola about all the happy lives that her brothers and sisters were living. Because one of the conditions of the treaty was that the children could not have any contact each other, this news made Princess Lola very happy.  This lack of communication is likely the source of Princess Lola’s bad behavior because after the call her behavior changed.  Princess Lola stopped hanging out with the Yorkie Mafia.  She seemed happier and more at peace.

For the last year, Princess Lola has gained more confidence. She has settled into her life ruling the people of Arlington.  It’s a glorious life that she leads….it’s filled with adventures both near and far.

Look for future adventures of HRH Lola, Princess of Arlington 


2 comments on “HRH Lola, Princess of Arlington

  1. Lagos

    Is princess Lola real or? If you’re story telling though, i like the story.

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