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Panic on the treadmill

Today’s workout with my trainer began on the treadmill.  DREAD! We have reached the point in our training that treadmill equals some sort of running, and I’m not a fan.  Anyway, I survived doing the three-quaters of a miles of interval runs without too much drama. Yay!

We moved right along with the workout doing some upper and lower body exercise.  Fine, fine.  Then he said that we were ending again on the treadmill.  NO!! It began the same way and the goal was to do the same thing but increase my running intervals.  Well, on the last one, I had a complete panic and STOPPED!!

The voices in my head were screaming STOP NOW! So I did.  However, I’m not sure why I listened to them.  If I’m truly honest with myself, I was fatigued.  It was just mental wall that I seem to be running into hard.  UGH!!

The question that I keep asking myself all day…what is the fear that stops me from running?  

I began this year with high hopes of running a half-marathon in the fall.  Then, my goal quickly switched to running a 5K.  Now, it seems that I have abandoned the entire idea of running.  Why?  It’s true that I don’t really like it.  However, I know that it could be extremely useful in helping me to reach my weight loss goals.  I know for a fact that running (an gentle interval running) has worked to help two close friends lose weight.  Shouldn’t that knowledge help motivate me?  There’s no medical reason why I can’t run…it’s all in my head.

Inspired by Jamie’s fearless lovemore, I have tried to let go of many of my fears.  I have been trying new things — even retrying old things (i.e. Paris) — and yet this running mental block is still here.  There must way through it or over it or something…I just want to push pass it.


One comment on “Panic on the treadmill

  1. stacye

    I think it’s fear of giving yourself a black eye. Too much running=too much bouncing. 😉

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