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Everything is better when it’s British

As most people who know me, there’s a small part of me that believes that everything is better if it’s British. Tonight I went speed dating.  The event was run by a company with a British twist.

It wasn’t better. 

Now, the event was run perfectly.  The hostesses were lovely, but not British, but still very wonderful.  However, I had somewhat unrealistic expectations that I would meet my British-future husband.  We would meet half-way through the event.  In a instance, we would know that we were meant to be together forever.

It didn’t happen.  

OK, I might watch too many romantic comedies, but that isn’t a crime.  It’s just impractical.  Anyway, I meant some very nice guys, even a few that I wouldn’t mind having drinks with.  Other than that, it was a pretty boring night.  Chatting up 14 guys is very exhausting, and now I’m off to bed.

Tomorrow…matchmaking…hmm…that should be entertaining.


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