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My true love

Today I was suppose to meet this guy that I met online, but he totally flaked.  He texted me in the morning and by the evening I was no longer interesting to him.  Whatever…move on…you’re not my true love.

My true love…

Ok, I have two true loves...Lola, my adorable schnauzer, and London.  And I’m spending my night with both them, sort of.  Unfortunately due to the whole passport situation, I can’t actually be in London.  However, the BBC show, Sherlock, captures the city in such a new and fresh way that I feel like I’m there and solving mysteries, too.

Sherlock Season 2 Preview

Hmmm….London…Sherlock Holmes.  Yep, I can’t ask for anything more on a somewhat grey Monday evening.  There’s schnauzer curled up next to me and knitting in my lap.  It’s just the rest that I need to get back to “kissing frogs” tomorrow.  Tonight my boyfriend is Benedict Cumberbatch…AWESOME NAME!


One comment on “My true love

  1. knascar

    You’re definitely better off with Mr. Cumberbatch!

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