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Blessing of visitors

Some dear friends from the UK arrived today.  They have never been to Washington, DC and will be staying with me for most of the next week, minus a few days that they are taking to go to NYC.  With New York only a 3 hour train ride, they would be crazy to miss the opportunity.

Anyhoo…I was already very excited to see them.  Visitors from across the pond are always welcome in my home.  Actually, I love playing hostess to anyone who wants to stay at Hotel Whittaker (still working on the name).  But I digress.  Today as we stopped by Iwo Jima, I was reminded what a wonderful city I live in.  Washington, DC is a beautiful area to call home.

Yes, I often complain about the traffic, weather and tourists.  However, the history and beauty of the city are stunning. I forget that.  Instead I get overwhelmed by the day-to-day stuff, and I forget to stop and smell the roses.

The true blessing of visitors is that they remind you to stop and smell the roses in your own backyard.


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