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Bounce Through It

Tonight I found myself in a very unlikely place and event….DC Armory for a TAPS event for kids. Need more explanation?  OK.  TAPS, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, sponsors a Good Grief Camp for children, and tonight at the DC Armory was a play event for the kids.

My presence at this event was somewhat unlikely because I’m not known to be “kid-person”, yet I felt a real connection to these kids who I had never met but shared the lost of a parent.  Volunteering for the event felt like a small thank you to their parents’ sacrifice and support for the kids.

My friend Kate and I decided that we would oversee this sweet moon-bounce. The animals made it seems like the perfect activity for the smaller (calmer) kids. Boy, did we choose wrong!!!  Because the area had those small plastic balls, it was not the calm area that we had imagine.  Instead it turned into war zone.  It was crazy, exhausting, and fun.  One of the mentors (each child was paired with an adult mentor) said that he didn’t care if he had to stand the entire evening outside this moon-bounce because he was just happy to see the kid smiling.  Heartwarming.

Other comments from the evening weren’t so heartwarming, but they made me laugh…

“I have deadly intend and too many balls” — One of the boys

“We’re making a jacuzzi with all the balls” — One of the girls

Ahh…the power of a moon-bounce! HEHE!!

Seriously, the kids wore me out, but I’m so happy that I spent my Saturday night with them.  It was a wonderful way to give back.  And now, I must get some sleep.  Kids are exhausting.  🙂


2 comments on “Bounce Through It

  1. Ro

    This really is stepping not only out of the box, but your comfort zone. I’m so very proud of you.

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