crossing the finish line

Missing March Madness

Summer has arrived in DC…at least as far as the temperature and humidity are concerned. Ugh!  The weather outside is hot, muggy and sticky.  After spending a few minutes outside, I feel like I need a shower.  This weather is not the reason that I love this city.  Nope, not at all!  Summer is just something that I have to suffer through…

The funny thing is that I have said the same thing about previous winters.  Now, this past winter was so mild that it didn’t really feel like winter.  Actually it was quite disappointing as far as winters go.  The two years prior to last year, on the other hand, those winters were serious…killers…epic snow storms.  I miss those days…haha…I miss complaining about the amount of snow on the ground and the city shutting down.  If it isn’t the heat, then it’s the cold that has me complaining.

During those winters, I suffered from March Madness, which has absolutely nothing to do with college basketball (one of the few sports that I will watch).  Here’s basically what happens that leads to March Madness: January is cold and snowy, but I don’t mind because it’s birthday month.  Woohoo!!  Then February is usually brutal.  In 2010, the Washington DC area was hit with 20 to 35 in of snow over a 36 hour period followed by another 10 in of snow 5 days later.  By March, I was DONE!  I was completely sick of the snow, the cold, and winter entirely.  So I booked at 12 night Scandinavian cruise with an additional week in the UK.  It’s was my way of coping with the winter…plan for the summer.

Now that summer has arrived again to DC, I found myself looking at pictures from that trip.  The pictures remind me not only have the amazing trip, but also I remember the much colder temperature that lead me to book the trip in the first place. Memory is a good way to combat the unpleasantness of the current environment.

Here are few pictures to kick-start things…


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