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Role reversal…Memorial Day is Everyday

Today while visiting the Korean War Memorial, I met a veteran from the war.  Not only was he a veteran, but he was involved in the building of the memorial.  What a gift!  I was able to thank him for his service not only during the war, but also his service to the fallen soldiers of the Korean War.  We chatted briefly about the memorial.

When I casually mentioned how beautiful I thought the memorial was and how the various elements added to the telling of the war, he reached into his pocket and gave me this pin. It’s from the dedication of the memorial in July 1995.  He, then, thanked me for my passion of the memorial.  I could see in his eyes that it meant a great deal to him to know that his service would not be forgotten.

Yesterday I was feeling bad because I hadn’t done anything especially to remember the veterans.  And that was a shame.  However, it’s just as important to remember them on Memorial Day as it is to remember them on Veterans Day or any day that ends with “y.”


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