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Today’s Daydream: Paris

Being in DC for the summer is somewhat new for me.  Usually I plan a big trip to Europe during the summer, but not this summer.  Instead, I will settle for my daydreams about places that I visited and places that I would like to return to.

Today’s Daydream is Paris.  As I have shared several times here, I have not always been a lover of Paris.  Actually, we used to hate each other.  Yet after my amazing trip in April,we have made peace.

Paris inspires me.  It challenges me.  It pushed me to be more than I thought that I could me, and it did that while it supported me.  Many people have described Paris as a feminine city, and I would agree.  It actually reminds me of some of the most influential women in my life–challenging and supporting and celebrating me.

I miss Paris.


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