crossing the finish line


I am a fake.

Yes, I’m a big fake!

Some of you who know me away from the tubes that make up the Internet might disagree. However, you would be wrong.

You see, I fake being as bold and unbreakable as people think that I am. I’m easily wounded by those that I love. Yet, there is a small weapon that I possess that helps me–honest communication.

When it comes to telling people that they have sincerely hurt me, I’m fearless. An emotional injury caused by someone rarely remains untreated for more than a day. Direct honest communication is always my weapon. I try to “say what I mean, but to say it meanly.”

Even the injury is addressed quickly, I find that the wound remains for awhile. For me, acts always speak longer than words. So not all injuries can be easily repaired with “I’m sorry.”

As I nurse my recent injury, I find myself wishing that I had a bigger, bolder personality. I wished that I demanded attention from a room. Yet, I know that’s not me.

I’m just Michelle. The girl who wants to forgive everyone and give them another chance, even if it’s 10,000th.


One comment on “Fake

  1. Eva

    I think you’re pretty awesome for standing up and saying how you feel!

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