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Whimsical Witty Peaceful

Since joining Women on Fire, I have learned that the best gift you can give yourself is to invest in yourself. This investment can come in many forms — trip to Paris, a tea party with Debbie Phillips and unknown new friends or committing to a promise.

Yesterday I gave myself the gift of Holly Getty. The amazingly fabulous Holly Getty told her story of her gift to make people look their best in the first Women on Fire book. When I first read her story, I was intrigued. Hmm…could this woman help me? Is she worth it? Then I spoke with Jamie and Debbie, separately, about their experiences and friendship with Holly. They both sang her praises so loudly that I had to believe it.

So I did it. I reached out to her. We exchanged emails. We had a few phone calls. After a few weeks went by, Holly appeared at my door filled with energy and warm soothing smile. Our big hug hello told me that I had made the right decision. We sat down and figured out my style points. It was a completely relaxing exercise that lead to my three style points — whimsical, witty and peaceful.

Then we hit the closet.

Ladies, this could have been the tough part, but it wasn’t. Holly made me feel so empowered with my style points that I had no problem letting go of the old clothes that didn’t fit them. I must admit that I have been on the verge of a major clothes edit for some time so the experience of saying goodbye so much of my wardrobe was very easy for you.

At the end of the day, I energized and excited. As I had a photo shoot for new headshots, I was able to have Holly style me for that. Yay! I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt today to wake up with the knowledge that I love everything in my closet.


The old clothes have been packed up and loaded into my car to go to Goodwill. It warms my heart to think of my clothes finding new homes. I know that someone will be very happy with everything.


2 comments on “Whimsical Witty Peaceful

  1. Jill Merriam

    LOVE this, Michelle! Congrats on taking care of YOU because you are amazing and you so deserve it! xoxoxo Jill

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