crossing the finish line

My favorite chair

That’s my favorite chair in my entire apartment.  Beyond being a chair that I have wanted for years, it’s comfortable.  It’s also surrounded by artworks of my favorite contemporary artists — Damien Hirst and Romero Britto.

I never sit in the chair.

Yes, it’s my favorite chair.  Yes, it makes me calm and relaxed.  And no, I never take time out of my day to sit and enjoy it.

I’m sure you’re thinking that’s a great shame that I don’t take advantage of something that gives me such joy and peace especially since it’s already living in my house.  However, I bet that there is something similar in your own home that you don’t take advantage of.  It might be a great comfortable chair, fancy dinnerware set, or even towels that seem “too nice” for every day use.

Well, I challenge you and myself to change that.  Life is short.  We need to enjoy the little joys and pleasures.  We need to get pizza on the good china.  We need to use the nice towels after a long bath or a quick shower.

I’m pledging to spend 15 minutes a day in my favorite chair surrounded by this beautiful artwork.  Maybe it will inspire me to write.  Maybe it will calm me down.  Who knows….it doesn’t matter.  The only thing that matters is that I enjoy it for 15 minutes each day.

Note: I must credit the creative genius of my dear friend Marc Houston and his design skills.  He can make anything space beautiful. 


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