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Today’s Daydream: Singapore

Two years ago I went to Singapore.  It was hot, humid and amazing.  The trip marked the first time that I traveled truly alone.  I didn’t go with the plan of visiting anyone or meeting up with another friend.  Nope, I just boarded a plane and went to Singapore by myself.

Today I’m missing that time alone.  I miss the quiet time to think, reflect and be alone with my thoughts.  I miss the chance to be brave and independent.  During that trip, I realized that I am so much stronger than I was a few years ago.  However, there are still friends who don’t believe that I am strong.  They try to treat me like a fragile glass vase.  UGH!  It makes me so mad.

I am strong.  I must continue to show people that I am strong, brave and a survivor.





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