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Ways my parents screwed me up: Part 2

Today would have been my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. My dad would probably say that it’s still his anniversary. Even though my mom passed away nearly 6 years ago, my dad still tells people that he is madly in love with her. He still has the bracelet that she was wearing when she passed on his money-clip.


My parents kill me. They met at wedding. I’m not really sure if each was friends with the bride and groom, respectively. However, it is clear that there was an instant connection. They dated for several months before my dad proposed over Christmas. He did the totally sweet, but cheesy, large box down to the small box.

My dad’s view on love…

My dad believes that love conquers death. He believes in one true love. He believes that you never leave, cheat or hurt that love. He is the best man that I know. I adore my dad.

Days like today make me miss my mom. Not for myself, I miss her for my dad. It breaks my heart to think of the life my dad had in mind with her after I had grown up and left the house. They planned trips across the country, quiet dinners at home, and all the peace and quiet of two people who had spent a life working hard to raise a family. Simple rewards…

Happy 40th Anniversary to my mom and dad!!

My parents on their wedding day…July 8, 1972


One comment on “Ways my parents screwed me up: Part 2

  1. Debbie Phillips

    I love this, Michelle. Happy anniversary to your mom and dad. What a picture to treasure!!!

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