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Thanks to the thunderstorm last night, the temperature in the DC area has dropped to a somewhat pleasant 80 degrees.  YAY!  The storm also offered me one of the best nights of sleep that I have had in a few weeks.  So I slept in…I slept in until 9am. WOW! 

After awaking, I did what I always do — check my iPhone.  I look for missed calls and voice mails; I review new emails; and I, even, check out Facebook.  This morning I noticed one of my friends had posted her horoscope.  It wasn’t the full horoscope, but more of a snapshot of the highs and lows of the day.  It was done in such an amusing way that I clicked on the link to find out my horoscope. 

Now I’m not someone who believes everything about my horoscope, but I do find it interesting.  There are times when it hits the nail on the head, but more often it’s completely wrong.  Anyway, I read the horoscope, and it was pretty generic.  The only thing that stuck out was that my lucky time was 4pm.

Anyway, I move through my day tackling all of the various tasks that I had on my mental list. Several tasks could not be completed because I had to wait on others to response.  GRR!  I’m not a patient person. In any case, I headed out for my scheduled session with my trainer at 3pm.  At this point, the whole “lucky time” thing was completely out of my head.

Since I’m trying to create space between my phone and myself, I had left my phone at home. When I returned home, I immediately checked my phone.  My phone had exploded.  There were several emails and text messages from my friend Brad. 

The article that I wrote about my hair story and the play that I wrote with two friends had been published on The Huffington Post. WOW!

I have been in a dazed since that moment.  I can’t really express my feelings right now.  I’m trying to enjoy this moment, but I also find myself feeling like I’m bragging when sharing this news.  UGH!!  All I can do right now is breathe. 

If you want to read the article…here’s the link


One comment on “Read your horoscope

  1. catchclaw33

    Michelle, this is awesome. Congratulations!

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