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A day of rest…

Today’s post is mostly a whine. My life is really quite amazing right now. However there are some downsides to it. I need to vent it out so I can appreciate it tomorrow and the next week and half…and whatever the future holds.

I want a day of rest. I want a day when I don’t check my email, don’t care about Facebook, Twitter or anything on the Interwebs. I want a day when I can curl up on my sofa with my sweet puppy, a great movie/TV show on the TV and some knitting in my lap.

This day of rest will not happen until after the show closes on July 22. Until that last show, I will be worried about selling tickets, getting press, and figuring out the future for this play and myself.

For now, I’ll work on carving out a few hours here and there. I’ll turn off my phone by 10pm. I’ll try to get the necessary sleep and eat healthy foods. That’s all I can ask for for the next few days.


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