crossing the finish line

Messy middle

Hmm…I have struggled with what to write tonight.

My life seems to be in the “messy middle.”  Things are so uncertain right now.  The  play will have its final two performances this weekend.  What happens next?  I don’t know. There are so things up in the air.

Uncertainty is not a place that I feel comfortable.  I think that most people would agree with that statement.  Like so many people, I want to rush to the end and see how everything works out. I want the “happily ever after” right now.

Sometimes I wished that I could take the advice that I give my friends.  One of my friends always seems to be rushing to the “happily ever after” and I told him that life has a “messy middle.” The “messy middle” is the roller coaster of life.  It isn’t always happy, but it’s kind of fun.  I just hope that I have my “happily ever after” comes soon.  ::fingers crossed::


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