crossing the finish line

Conflicted feelings

I find myself conflicted about the Olympics. 

I am both jealous of those who are there and relieved that I’m not there.  London is one of my ALL-TIME favorite cities.  In my perfect world, I would live in London for awhile, just because.  However, I really HATE crowds.  The Olympics are filled with crowds.  Of course, the Olympics are once-in-a-lifetime kind of an event.


Thankfully this issue is settled for me for this Olympics, but I wonder about the future.  There are experiences that I would like to have, but I’m scared or I know that I get overwhelmed in them.  How do I overcome them?  My dear friend Jamie is spending this year tackling fear through love.  Her journey amazes and inspires me.  However, I need to take the next step.  It’s one thing to sit at home and be inspired, but it’s another thing to go out and experience it.

This trip to Mexico feels like a nice baby step in that direction.  Sure, I’ll be laying on a beach and relaxing.  Yet the trip is much harder for me.  Below the surface I am experiencing fear about the unknown, fear over the horror stories that I have heard and fear of trying something outside of my comfort zone.  This trip will be a good trip for me on so many levels.

Just need to remember to lovemore, fearless.


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