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A night in Old Town

Old Town Alexandria is one of my most favorite areas in all of the DC metro. Here are some of the highlights from tonight’s evening out: 5pm: Spend about 10 … Continue reading

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Two powerful words

What if… I added cinnamon to marble chocolate banana nut bread. I let my hair grow. I stepped outside my comfort zone. I dyed my hair light brown. I exercised … Continue reading

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Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature, You have given us 3 months of hot, sunny and humid weather. At times it was overwhelming and oppressive. Then other days the weather was perfect for … Continue reading

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150 words

The summer challenge was simple enough — to write at least 150 words everyday. Most days this challenge has been easy to meet, but other days have been harder. Today … Continue reading

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This afternoon I treated myself to a pedicure at the Bliss Spa at the W Hotel Washington.  They have a new fabulous pedicure called “Heel-lalujah” pedicure, which made me think … Continue reading

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Powerful buildings

I’m not a very religious person in many ways. Sundays are not reserved for weekly church attendance. Yet I do believe in a higher being, and I find that I … Continue reading

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My clothes reflect my soul

In the beginning… My shopping training began when I was quite young.  I was so young that I don’t even remember the first time that I was end a mall.  … Continue reading

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Out of control

I plan when I feel out of control…when things aren’t going as I expected. I plan. I make lists. The lists give order to things. I have probably been making … Continue reading

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My friends are some of the most interesting, funny, witty, intelligent, and generally awesome people on the planet.  I don’t say that because I’m friends with them; I say it … Continue reading

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And I cracked

Giving up something that you love is HARD.  I have never been one for self-sacrifice, just look to my failed weight-loss for an example.  So the giving up of my … Continue reading

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