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First Impression: Copenhagen

This week I’m off to Mexico for the first time. Since I’m not sure if I will have access to the internet, I’m writing a series of blog posts describing my first impressions of my favorite cities.

Today’s city is Copenhagen

Copenhagen was a city that I never planned to visit and now can’t imagine not visiting.  For some reason, the city was never really on my radar.  Actually Scandinavia wasn’t on my radar at all.  Then a friend from Helsinki invited me to her wedding, and things changed.  My friend Michael suggested that we add on Copenhagen, so he could visit a friend that he hadn’t see in over 10 years. Sure, I’m almost always game to add on another destination.  So we were off to Copenhagen.

Now, here’s what I knew about Denmark before the trip…1. it was the home of Hans Christian Anderson, 2. there was a Little Mermaid statue, and 3. I loved Danish design.  My expectations for the city were pretty low just because I knew nothing about it. Even with setting the bar low, Copenhagen blew me away.

It was late October, so it was colder and darker than most people would prefer.  I loved it!  We visited the Kronborg Castle, aka the Hamlet Castle.  The tour guides in the castle made sure to let us know that Norway had many of the furnishing from the castles.  You gotta love European history; everyone has everyone else’s stuff.  Anyway, the city has such energy.  The people were warm and friendly, but there was an activist streak.  The shopping for home goods was AMAZING.  My visit to Copenhagen might have inspired my most recent redecorating.

And the fairy tale stuff…well we went to see the Little Mermaid statue.  It isn’t as impressive as one would expect for the amount of press it gets.  I loved that someone had put earmuffs on her, as it  was late October and cold.  Unfortunately Tivoli Gardens was closed, which sadden me because I wanted to see the place that inspired Walt Disney.  Oh well.  If I needed a reason to visit Copenhagen again (which I didn’t), coming back to see Tivoli Gardens was a pretty good one.

Here are some pictures from my first visit…


2 comments on “First Impression: Copenhagen

  1. archmeology

    I like Copenhagen – been there a few times while visiting Malmo, Sweden. My favorite place in Scandinavia though (actually, probably in the world) is Aalesund, Norway. You must look it up 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip on the city in Norway. I have only spent a few hours in Olso and unfortunately it was pretty gray and rainy.

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