crossing the finish line

Magical Places

Yesterday was all about me. It was an useful and wonderful experience, but also made me feel so uncomfortable because I don’t like to focus on myself in that way. Regardless, I did it. My life will be better for it.

Thankfully I can now focus on other people, which makes me happier, especially when I’m watching their dreams become reality.

This morning as I scrolled through Facebook, my heart began to fill with happiness. Seeing my friends share their joys with actually making their dreams come true. One of my friends, John, has been working tirelessly at Walt Disney World to work up to an entertainment manager. He began his journey in housekeeping. John’s dedication reminds me that we have to work for our dreams, even if you work in the most magical place on the planet, Walt Disney World.

This reminder aids me as I wrap up my time in a new magical place for me, Martha’s Vineyard. Yesterday I was forced to deal and see things about myself that I had buried so deep inside that I didn’t believe that they existed. Today I drove around the island just letting these new ideas and feelings come closer and closer to my heart and head. They are the foundations for my new reality. It’s so exciting and scary. Tomorrow I will go home and be thrown back into my normal life. I need to take a piece of the magic of this place with me along with the dedication to move forward.


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