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Sundays…then and now

Growing up Sundays were about going to church, and sometimes we went to a musical or play afterwards.  Even though my parents never said it, Sundays were about spirituality.  For them, church was the place for spiritual enrichment.  It was the lesson that they tried to teach me.  Organized religion has never been my thing.  It doesn’t speak to my heart the way that it does for others.  I still believe in a greater power than myself, but I don’t need the structure of something man-made.

My Sundays now are still somewhat spiritual for me.  My spiritual enrichment comes in a different form.  Maybe it’s spending a Sunday cleaning out my apartment and cleaning it up.  Maybe it’s going out to brunch with my friends and laughing and talking for hours and hours.  Maybe it’s curled up on the sofa with a sweet puppy and some knitting and a great movie.

Sundays are a sacred day for so many people….myself included.


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