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Can you break-up with online dating?

Yes, you can. And I am. 

For the last several months, I have given the online dating scene another try.  Now, it’s time for a break-up.  Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’m ending my online dating because I met some wonderful guy and I’m pulling myself off the market.  

Nope, that’s not the story that I’m telling.  My decision basically comes down to a few issues: 

1. It feels like I might not be able to find the guy that I’m looking for online. 

2. Maybe I’m not open enough for love right now. 

3. Maybe my love story has a different beginning. 

Closing off this path right now feels like the right thing for me to do.  It doesn’t mean that I won’t return to it, although I’m hoping that I don’t need to.  What I do know is that this isn’t my path right now.  I would much rather spend my time and energy on a different path.  


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