crossing the finish line

Good rainy day

One of my favorite things is a good rainy Sunday.  

The grey skies. The rain coming down. The dampness.  The coldness.  I love it all! 

Ok, a beautiful sunny day is wonderful too.  Thankfully Saturday was such a day.  However, a rainy Sunday is the perfect way to end the week and weekend in my book.  

My perfect day…

Today I got to spend the morning having brunch with an old friend that I hadn’t really seen in years.  With some people you can just pick up like no time at all has passed, this one was one of those friends.  I’m so happy that we have reconnected, and I look forward to seeing often…well as often as anyone sees anyone else in DC.  

Then I got to hang out with one of my most favorite people in the area.  It’s nice to have friends that you don’t really have to plan what you’re doing and you can still have a wonderful time.  

Finally the evening ends with some quality knitting time (yay! sweater vest finished!) and cuddle time with the puppy.  Tomorrow will begin another week, and there will a whole list of things for me to tackle.  I’m excited about it.  I’m excited about the challenges ahead even if they bring a few headaches.  

Life is good….a rainy Sunday reminds me every time


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