crossing the finish line

Out of control

I plan when I feel out of control…when things aren’t going as I expected. I plan. I make lists. The lists give order to things.

I have probably been making pro/con lists for most of my life. I still remember when I saw Rory making a pro/con list on Gilmore Girls. It helped to make me feel normal. All of her planning and list-making validated my own behavior.

Right now things are not exactly where I expected them to be, but I trust that they are where they are suppose to be. However that isnt good enough for me. So I’m adding my planning and list-making to see if I can get things sorted out to a point that will give me greater peace.

The next few weeks will be my personal dedication to my body. I feel like I have done an excellent job of working on my mind and soul, but my body has been forgotten. So now it takes center stage. Of course I still want to honor and nurture my mind and soul, so I’ll maintain those rituals. It’s just time to add a few more daily rituals into my life. My body will thank me.


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