crossing the finish line

Two powerful words

What if…

I added cinnamon to marble chocolate banana nut bread.

I let my hair grow.

I stepped outside my comfort zone.

I dyed my hair light brown.

I exercised every single day.

I opened my heart for new experiences and new people.

I replaced fear with love.

Those two little words, “what if,” can have a powerful effect on my life choices.

They can keep me from trying some thing new because of fear, worry or doubt. Too many times in my life I have not allowed myself to go down one of life’s paths for those reasons. On the flip side, I have boldly asked questions that scared me, traveled to countries alone, and tried to follow the advice of doing one thing everyday that scares me.

Two little words can be so powerful…

What if…

My ideas are good and creative.

My future has unexpected wonderful surprises in store for me.

My only limitation is my own fears and insecurities.


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This entry was posted on 30/08/2012 by in Life.


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