crossing the finish line

One single focus…sort of

Today I have been completely obsessed with working on my sweater.  It’s so beautiful and tweedy and watching the cables come to life has entertained me for hours.  Of course, this means that I have neglected everything else on my list of things to do. Even now, I’m struggling with writing because my brain isn’t interested in working this tasks. 


As a child, I remember my parents often using the carrot/stick method to get me to do the tasks that I did not want to do:

“Clean your room and then you can ride your bike.”

“Eat your mac & cheese, &  you can have some more broccoli”-Yes, I preferred broccoli over mac & cheese

“Do your homework correctly, and we can go shopping.”

As an adult, I find it hard to use this method.  If I don’t want to do something, then I don’t do it.  Sometimes the feeling that I might disappoint someone important can motivate me, but for the most part it doesn’t work.  Instead, I find myself sitting at the end of the day, reviewing my task list, and not being able to cross things off. 

Life is meant to be enjoyed

This statement rolls around my head every time I am faced with the carrot/stick dilemma.  It’s my personal permission slip to do the thing that I enjoy more.  Though my older, wiser side will still encourage me to go and tackle some of those hated tasks.  And on a good day, like today, I’ll go and do them and return to my knitting.



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